ECCO 2017 | Head and neck cancer rehabilitation (HNR) program

Wim van Harten

Wim van Harten, MD, PhD from the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands discusses a head and neck cancer rehabilitation (HNR) program and a study aimed at assessing the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the complete HNR compared to usual supportive care (USC) provided to advanced head and neck (HNC) patients. This is part of a healthcare technology assessment project on survivorship care after patients have had laryngectomy and the focus is on a survivorship rehabilitation program and the coverage and implementation to innovative prosthesis. The personalized, multidisciplinary head and neck cancer rehabilitation (HNR) program includes rehabilitation physicians, speech therapists and other specialists and provides holistic care for patients.
Recorded at the European Cancer Congress of the European Cancer Organisation (ECCO) 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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