The VJ Sessions:
Roundtable discussions with leading experts in oncology

In the absence of in-person meetings, the VJ Sessions aim to virtually bring together leading experts in the oncology community to support international collaboration and allow them to discuss what the latest advances in diagnosis & therapy actually mean in the clinic.

View our growing collection of on-demand roundtable discussions across a range of oncology specialties below or listen to the podcasts on the go.

► WATCH: Post-ASCO 2021 lung cancer roundtable
With Melissa Johnson, Lizza Hendriks & Heather Wakelee
Topics: IMpower010, CTONG1103 & IMPACT; CheckMate 816 & biomarkers in the adjuvant setting; KRAS G12C, HER3 ADCs and EGFR exon 20

► WATCH: Post-BTOG 2021 UK roundtable discussion
With Sanjay Popat, Samreen Ahmed, David Gilligan & Neal Navani
Topics: COVID-19, SBRT & pleural effusions, KRAS inhibitors & ADCs, radiotherapy, CheckMate 816 & ADAURA

► WATCH: Post-WCLC 2020 roundtable discussion
With Daniel Tan, Melissa Johnson & Dean Fennell
Topics: KRAS G12C, mesothelioma, IO & biomarkers, neoadjuvant & adjuvant strategies and screening

► WATCH: Post-ESMO 2020 roundtable discussion
With Solange Peters, Martin Reck & Sanjay Popat
Topics: Oncogene targeted therapy, post-op RT in NSCLC, IO advances in NSCLC & SCLC

► WATCH: Post-ASCO 2021 breast cancer roundtable
With Erika Hamilton, Giuseppe Curigliano, Sara Tolaney & Andrew Tutt 
Topics: OlympiA & olaparib, capecitabine, GeparNuevo & BEGONIA, CDK4/6, SERDs, BCL-2 & talazoparib

► WATCH: Post-St.Gallen 2021 Consensus Session
With Giuseppe Curigliano, Hope Rugo, Lisa Carey & Fatima Cardoso
Topics: pCR & IO, carboplatin & olaparib, gene signature assays & CDK4/6 inhibitors

► WATCH: Post-SABCS 2020 roundtable discussion
With Erika Hamilton, Matteo Lambertini & Sibylle Loibl
Topics: CDK4/6 inhibitors, RxPONDER & premenopausal pts, IO and more SABCS highlights

► WATCH: Post-ASCO 2021 kidney & bladder roundtable
With Elizabeth Plimack, Rana McKay & Thomas Powles
Topics: Bladder cancer updates, adjuvant pembrolizumab in RCC, mRCC and ones to watch

► WATCH: Post-ASCO GU 2021 prostate cancer roundtable
With Neal Shore, Bertrand Tombal, Robert Jones & Rana McKay
Topics: ACIS in mCRPC, Phase III trials in nmCRPC, PSMA-PET, PARPi, Theranostics, GnRH receptor antagonist

► WATCH: Post-ASCO GU 2021 kidney & bladder cancer roundtable
With Arlene Siefker-Radtke, Alison Birtle, Andrea Apolo & Thomas Powles
Topics: Enfortumab vedotin in UC, adjuvant nivolumab & CheckMate 274, upper tract UC & POUT, TKI + IO combinations & RCC

► WATCH: Post-ASCO 2021 GI cancer roundtable
With Tobias Arkenau, Deborah Mukherji, Kai-Keen Shiu, Lizzy Smyth, Nataliya Uboha & Susanna Ulahannan 
Topics: ESCC, gastric cancer, mCRC in 1st line, mCRC maintenance, biliary tract & pancreatic cancers and emerging therapies

► WATCH: Post-ASCO GI 2021 GI cancer roundtable
With Tobias Arkenau, Lizzy Smyth, Nataliya Uboha & Kai-Keen Shiu
Topics: KEYNOTE-177 & CRC, CAR-T, targeting FGFR2 in gastric cancer, anti-HER2 therapy, the gut microbiome & advances in cholangiocarcinoma

► REGISTER: Post-ASCO 2021 skin cancer roundtable
With James Larkin, Paolo Ascierto, Rodabe Amaria & Ana Arance
Broadcast: 28-July-21 | 18:00 BST / 13:00 EDT / 10:00 PDT

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