The VJ Sessions aim to bring together leading experts in the oncology community to support international collaboration and allow them to discuss what the latest advances in diagnosis & therapy actually mean in the clinic.

View our growing collection of on-demand roundtable discussions across a range of oncology specialties below or listen to the podcasts on the go.

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

30 Aug 2022

Highlights in Lung Cancer from WCLC 2022 with Lizza Hendriks & Tiziana VavalĂ 

Lizza Hendriks, Tiziana Vavala
Topics: the use of sotorasib in KRASG12C-mutant non-small cell lung cancer, oligometastatic disease, trial updates from WCLC 2022

06 Jun 2022

Highlights in Lung Cancer from ASCO 2022 with Jia Luo and Julia Rotow

Jia Luo, Julia Rotow
Topics: developments in the use of immunotherapy for lung cancer as well as recent trials investigating EGFR- and KRAS-mutated NSCLC.
10 Feb 2022

BTOG 2022 UK panel discussion

Sanjay Popat, Anna Minchom, Robert Rintoul, Alastair Greystoke

Topics: The current state of UK lung cancer care, novel IO targets & therapeutic cancer vaccines and the deployment of genomic testing in the UK

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

07 Oct 2022

Highlights from ESMO 2022 with Elisa Agostinetto & Evandro de Azambuja


06 Jun 2022

Examining DESTINY-Breast04 with Matteo Lambertini & Evandro de Azambuja

Matteo Lambertini, Evandro de Azambuja
Topics: Trial updates in the field of ADCs and CDK4/6 inhibitors
06 Jun 2022

Latest updates from ASCO 2022 with Paolo Tarantino & Romualdo Barroso

Paolo Tarantino, Romualdo Barroso
Topics: results from the MAINTAIN trial, TROPiCS, and antibody-drug conjugates such as patritumab deruxtecan and trastuzumab deruxtecan.

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