Fatima Cardoso

Champalimaud Clinical Centre, Portugal

Fatima Cardoso, MD is the Director of the Breast Unit of the Champalimaud Clincal Centre in Lisbon, Portugal. centroclinico.fchampalimaud.org

Dr. Fatima Cardoso completed her medical degree at the University of Porto in Portugal before working for 10 years as Assistant Professor at the Medical Oncology Clinic of the Jules Bordet Institute in Brussels.

Dr. Cardoso’s main research interests include prognostic and predictive markers of response to systemic therapy, the biology of breast cancer and the development of new anticancer agents. Dr. Cardoso and colleagues are conducting a combined retrospective and prospective study of breast cancer recurrence within the EORTC MINDACT trial. Advanced technologies will then be used to analyze the biology and genetics of the metastatic tumor, with the aim of providing an insight on the biology of breast cancer and the mechanisms of resistance to therapies.

Currently, she is involved in a number of Phase I-III breast cancer clinical trials, serving also as the Scientific Director of the international research network TRANSBIG (EU Framework VI). She is also the Breast Cancer Program Coordinator for the European School of Oncology, Editor-in-Chief of The Breast Journal and Associate Editor of the European Journal of Cancer, having authored over 230 publications to date.