Sandra Swain

Sandra Swain

Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC

Sandra M. Swain, MD, FACP, is the professor of medicine at Georgetown University and adjunct professor of medicine at F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine. She was previously the deputy branch chief of the Medicine Branch, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and was a tenured principal investigator. Dr. Swain was also the chief of the Breast Cancer Section, and chief of the Cancer Therapeutics Branch.

Dr. Swain’s current research interests include translational research to identify novel and targeted therapeutics for metastatic and inflammatory breast cancer. She has a strong interest in the development of adjuvant therapy for breast cancer and the effect of chemotherapy on ovarian function. She is the chair of three international phase III randomized studies focused on adjuvant treatment of breast cancer. She was instrumental in the approval of dexrazoxane for Cardioprotection with anthracyclines for breast cancer treatment. She has published more than 200 journal and review articles and has been the featured speaker at hundreds of presentations regarding breast cancer and breast health, both domestically and internationally. She has received an NIH Challenge grant to study health disparities in African Americans in clinical trials. She has also received several Susan G. Komen for the Cure grants to study health disparities. For her work, she received the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Community Global Award of Distinction in 2012.

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