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ASCO 2021 | TNO155 in advanced solid tumors

Irene Brana, MD, Vall d’Hebron University Hospital and Institute of Oncology (VHIO), Barcelona, Spain, discusses the updated results of a Phase I study (NCT03114319), investigating the safety and efficacy of the SHP2 inhibitor TNO155 in advanced solid tumors. TNO155 was found to sustainably inhibit SHP2 in advanced solid tumors and was generally well tolerated by patients. The study is now focussed on the efficacy of TNO155 as a single agent in KRAS G12 mutants and BRAF-NRAS melanoma, as well as its efficacy in combination with the EGFR inhibitor nazartinib. Further trials are investigating the efficacy of TNO155 in combination with other therapeutics, such as the anti-PD1-inhibitor spartalizumab and the ERK inhibitor LTT462 (NCT04294160). This interview took place at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2021 Virtual Meeting.