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VJVirtual | NEOXpress, a novel TCR platform to target solid tumors

David Apelian, MD, PhD, BlueSphere Bio, Pittsburgh, PA, gives an overview of the mechanism of action of NEOXpress™, a patient-specific neoantigen discovery platform, and explains how it can be combined with TCXpress™, a high-throughput T-cell receptor (TCR) search and capture platform, to treat solid tumors. While NEOXpress™ captures the tumor’s neoantigen profile, TCXpress™ captures the TCR repertoire of a tumor sample. Together, this allows identifying multiple TCRs that can specifically recognize non-self neoantigens in a tumor, and thus engineer highly personalized T-cell receptor T-cells that can be re-infused into the patient. This interview was recorded via an online conference call with VJOncology.

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