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ESMO 2017 | Rucaparib boosts PFS in BRCA-mutated recurrent ovarian cancer

Sandro Pignata, MD, PhD, from the IRCCS National Cancer Institute, Naples, Italy, presents a summary of the data from the ARIEL 3 trial on rucaparib in ovarian cancer patients, presented at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2017 Conference in Madrid, Spain. Rucaparib maintenance therapy increases progression-free survival in BRCA mutant recurrent ovarian cancer by 77%, according to the late-breaking results. Most ovarian cancer presents as advanced disease and 80% of those patients will recur after first line treatment. Patients often respond again to chemotherapy, particularly platinum-based, but they almost inevitably relapse again and eventually die of their disease. Maintenance treatments are needed to reduce recurrence in patients who have already relapsed. The PARP enzyme helps to initiate the repair of DNA damage so that cells can continue to divide. DNA repair processes are inherently impaired in tumour cells with BRCA mutations. PARP inhibitors, such as rucaparib, block DNA repair and cells with BRCA mutations die. Dr Pignata further discusses how these positive data will benefit patients, giving them more choice with effective treatments.