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ESMO 2022: Updates in Colorectal Cancer

The European Society for Medical Oncology Annual Meeting 2022 brought together thousands of experts in oncology to hear new data and discuss how to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer.

In this podcast, we hear from some of the leading experts in colorectal cancer, as they discuss the biggest trials and hot topics from the meeting. Dr Sartore-Bianchi discusses overcoming acquired resistance to targeted therapy in colorectal cancer, and Dr Cremolini talks on the influence of sidedness on prognosis and treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer. We also hear from Dr Fang discussing EpCAM-targeted CAR T-cell therapy for advanced colorectal cancer and Dr Cohen on real-world evidence on ctDNA reliably predicting recurrence in resected colorectal cancer. Finally, Prof. Stintzing, Prof. Strickler and Dr Orlandi share key colorectal cancer trial updates presented at the meeting.

Date: 30th September 2022