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Latest developments in immunotherapy for patients with melanoma

Surgery is an effective treatment for non-metastatic melanoma, however, advanced melanoma demands additional intervention, such as chemotherapy or immunotherapy. The development of immunotherapies for melanoma has significantly improved outcomes for patients with metastatic cancer. Several immunotherapies for metastatic melanoma have already received FDA approval, including nivolumab and ipilimumab, and research is ongoing to develop new combination regimens to improve treatment safety and efficacy.

In this podcast, Evan J. Lipson, MD, of the John Hopkins Medical Institute in Baltimore, James Larkin, PhD, FRCP, of The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in London, and Omid Hamid, MD, of The Angeles Clinic and Research Institute in Los Angeles, discuss key updates on immunotherapies for the treatment of melanoma, as presented at the 2021 ASCO Virtual Meeting.

Date: 1st July 2021

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