GU Cancers 2018 | A 6-factor prognostic model for urothelial carcinoma patients receiving atezolizumab

Gregory Pond

Urothelial carcinoma has been a challenge for oncologists to treat for many years, with a steady mortality rate and no new treatments on the horizon until the recently developed checkpoint inhibitors, such as atezolizumab. In this interview, Gregory Pond, PhD, from McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, briefly discusses a promising new model for identifying patients who would benefit from atezolizumab treatment. This 6-factor model contains six prognostic factors used to identify these patients. The model was shown to be effective during two clinical trials, including IMvigor210 (NCT02302807), using atezolizumab post-platinum. Although a clinical use has yet to be defined, this new model holds hope for the management and treatment of patients with urothelial cancer. This video was recorded at the 2018 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium, held in San Francisco, CA.

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