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SABCS 2023 | PARSIFAL-LONG: fulvestrant and palbociclib vs letrozole and palbociclib

Antonio Llombart-Cussac, MD, PhD, Hospital Arnau de Vilanova, Valencia, Spain, reviews the results coming from the Phase II PARSIFAL-LONG trial, 5-year extended follow-up of the PARSIFAL study (NCT02491983). The trial assessed whether fulvestrant or letrozole was the optimal endocrine partner for the cyclin-dependent kinase 4/6 inhibitor (CDK4/6i) palbociclib in patients with untreated, endocrine-sensitive, hormone receptor-positive (HR+)/HER2-negative (HER2-) advanced breast cancer in the first-line setting, failed to demonstrate an improvement in progression free survival. The Phase III EMERALD (NCT03778931) study reported data that identified early progressions on CDK4/6i as a strong predictor of resistance to subsequent endocrine therapies. The PARSIFAL-LONG is an extended follow-up analysis from the PARSIFAL study and confirmed no major differences between letrozole or fulvestrant when combined with palbociclib and noted that progression within the first year of first-line CDK4/6i-based regimens for HR+/HER2- advanced breast cancer patients may be prognostic of less favorable outcomes. This interview took place at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) congress in San Antonio, TX.

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