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ASCO 2023 | Omission of adjuvant therapy and TLND in melanoma: insights from OpACIN-neo, PRADO, and NADINA

Irene Reijers, MD / PhD student, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands, discusses the significance of the Phase II OpACIN-neo (NCT02977052) trial and the PRADO extension cohort, which have indicated that adjuvant systemic therapy can be safely omitted in patients with melanoma based on pathologic response. The ongoing Phase III NADINA (NCT04949113) trial, which compares neoadjuvant and adjuvant immunotherapy, may provide further evidence on the omission of adjuvant systemic therapy for patients with a major pathologic response. If the results align with the current analysis, these three trials will support the redundancy of adjuvant systemic therapy in patients with a major pathologic response. Regarding total lymph node dissection, the PRADO trial has shown it can be safely omitted, however there is ongoing discussion about the necessary data to implement this approach in clinical practice. This interview took place at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2023 Annual Congress in Chicago, IL.

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