UKOF 2018 | Aspirin as a preventative measure for colorectal cancer

Vicky Coyle

Aspirin has been suggested as a preventative measure for several cancer types, in particular colorectal cancer, as Vicky Coyle, MD, of Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast, UK, explains at the UK Oncology Forum (OF) 2018, held in Liverpool, UK. She describes a current trial that aims to identify the ideal aspirin dose for tumor prevention in patients with Lynch syndrome (CAPP3; NCT02497820), as well as the potential for working with the UK Therapeutic Cancer Prevention Network (UKTCPN) to design a protocol for the general population to use aspirin for its cancer prevention benefits. Dr Coyle emphasises the importance of studying prophylactic measures for colorectal cancer, both for high risk individuals and the wider population.

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