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WCLC 2016 | Identifying and addressing the needs of lung cancer patients in Europe

Stefania Vallone, Lung Cancer Europe (LuCe) talks about the challenges facing lung cancer patients. LuCE conducted a survey asking lung cancer patients and patient advocates about unmet needs and challenges in their countries, and what measures they think need to be in place to address these issues. The results of the survey were presented at an interactive session at the WCLC conference and identified the lack of research funding, detection at a late stage and stigma as the three main issues in Europe. However, these results did not mirror the answers provided by the audience attending the interactive session, indicating that patient needs are not homogenous throughout Europe. The full results of the survey will be published in an article on lung cancer patient needs.
Recorded at the 2016 World Congress of Lung Cancer (WCLC) of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) in Vienna, Austria.

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