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ASCO 2023 | The personalization of neoadjuvant immunotherapy in stage III melanoma

Minke Lucas, MD, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands, delves into the significance of predictive biomarkers in determining neoadjuvant regimens for melanoma patients. She emphasizes the crucial role of the pathological response rate in guiding treatment decisions after neoadjuvant therapy. Patients with a major pathological response might not require further adjuvant treatment and could benefit from deescalated surgery. In contrast, those with a partial or non-response might need more extensive surgery and potential adjuvant therapy due to higher recurrence risks. This tailored approach aims to personalize neoadjuvant immunotherapy strategies, optimizing surgical procedures and post-treatment care based on individual response profiles. This interview occurred at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2023 Annual Congress in Chicago, IL.

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