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ESMO 2020 | Nivolumab chemotherapy combination treatment: CheckMate649 and ATTRACTION-4

Elizabeth C. Smyth, MD, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge, UK, discusses the results of clinical trials CheckMate 649 (NCT02872116) and ATTRACTION-4 (NCT02267343). CheckMate 649 is the largest trial ever conducted in gastric cancer, enrolling 2000 advanced gastric cancer patients. The trial compared chemotherapy and chemotherapy plus nivolumab. The trial reached both primary endpoints; progression free survival and overall survival. ATTRACTION-4 investigated the nivolumab with chemotherapy versus chemotherapy alone as well, but in previously untreated advanced gastric cancer patients. The trial met the progression free survival endpoint but not overall survival. This interview was recorded via an online conference call with The Video Journal of Oncology (VJOncology).