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VJOncology is committed to improving our service to you

EAU 2017 | What can histology tell us to ProtecT against prostate cancer?

Christian Stief, MD, from Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany discusses results from the ProtecT trial in prostate cancer at the European Association of Urology (EAU) conference 2017 in London, UK. This Phase III prospective randomized clinical trial evaluated the efficacy of different treatment modalities in low and intermediate risk prostate cancer. He outlines the data presented at EAU 2017, which focused on histological features of tissue from patients in the ProtecT trial. Discriminating between patients that progressed and those that did not, pathophysiology was retrospectively assessed in biopsy tissue, as well as the entire prostate if surgery was carried out. He explains that the classical D’Amico classification pattern is not sufficient to determine if a patient will progress, but that more features are needed. According to Prof. Stief, these pathohistological features should be assessed before a patient is advised what strategies can be taken with their specific prostate cancer in their specific situation.

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