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ASCO 2017 | Prostate cancer update: practice-changing data?

Rob Jones, MD, from the University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK summarizes several studies that have made an impact on the treatment landscape of prostate cancer care. Various trials, including the STAMPEDE trial (NCT00268476), have demonstrated a dramatic increase in survival outcomes when abiraterone plus prednisolone is added to standard androgen deprivation therapy. An improvement was even seen in patients with metastatic disease and high-risk locally advanced prostate cancer. Further investigation into the activity of abiraterone was carried out in the PLATO trial, which investigated whether abiraterone can elicit a response in patients that have previously been treated with enzalutamide, and become resistant to it. Although the results went against the investigated hypothesis, the trial answered some very important clinical questions. Other trials involved seeking the optimum duration of androgen deprivation therapy, producing some interesting results. This interview was recorded at the American Society of Oncology (ASCO) 2017 Annual Meeting held in Chicago, IL

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