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CoBrCa 2016 | The CoBrCa meeting – discussing difficult issues and controversies in breast cancer

Bruce Mann, MBBS, PhD, FRACS, of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Victoria, Australia, talks about the World Congress on Controversies in Breast Cancer (CoBrCa) 2016 meeting. He starts by explaining that CoBrCa 2016 is the second conference on breast cancer with the first in 2015 being highly successful. He explains that the concept of CoBrCa is to cover clinical controversies and issues that doctors looking after patients with breast cancer come across each week in their clinical practice where the answers are not clear cut and where there are differences of opinion amongst doctors. CoBrCa aims to solve these conflicting views and help doctors understand which options are best. The meeting includes experts from around the world who present either one or other side of various debates. After both sides are heard there is a discussion where the topic of debate is discussed further. He explains that he believes it is very interesting for all doctors to hear an expert from a different country debate one or other side of a controversial area.
Filmed at the 2016 World Congress on Controversies in Breast Cancer, in Barcelona, Spain.