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ESMO Breast 2023 | HR status in determining the efficacy of platinum therapy in advanced TNBC

Tira Tan, MBBS, MRCP, National Cancer Centre Singapore, Singapore, discusses the analysis of HR deficiency (HRD) status in a cohort of platinum-responsive advanced triple-negative breast cancer (aTNBC) patients enrolled in the DORA study. HRD testing was performed using the oncoReveal™ HRD Panel, which detects alterations in 33 HR-related genes, and BRCA1 and RAD51C promoter methylation were quantified using the oncoReveal™ BRCA1 & RAD51C Methylation Panel. The results showed that a significant proportion of patients (52.5%) harbored HR alterations (HRD). The presence of HRD was associated with longer median progression-free survival (mPFS) compared to patients without HRD. The study suggests that current companion diagnostics for PARP inhibitor therapy underestimate the prevalence of HRD in breast cancer and highlights the potential of testing for BRCA1/RAD51C hypermethylation as a guide for therapies. This interview took place at the 2023 European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Breast Cancer Annual Congress in Berlin, Germany.

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