ASCO 2018 | Emerging melanoma therapeutics: IDO1, LAG-3 & HDAC inhibitors

Paolo Ascierto

A variety of new therapeutics for melanoma are on the horizon, including IDO, immune checkpoint, LAG-3 and HDAC inhibitors. Here, Paolo Ascierto, MD, of the National Cancer Institute of Naples, Naples, Italy, discusses some of these exciting developments. He reflects upon the results from the KEYNOTE-252 trial (NCT02752074) of the IDO1 inhibitor epacadostat with the checkpoint inhibitor pembrolizumab, before moving onto the exciting combination of nivolumab with anti-LAG-3 antibody relatlimab (NCT02966548). Dr Ascierto also highlights the combination of HDAC inhibitor entinostat with pembrolizumab (NCT02437136). He then discusses potential avenues for the future, including triplet regimens, referencing preclinical data. This video was recorded at the American Society of Oncology (ASCO) 2018 Annual Meeting, held in Chicago, IL.

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