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UKOF 2018 | PEACE and TRACERx: dissecting metastases and intra-tumor heterogeneity

VJOncology is committed to improving our service to you

Mariam Jamal-Hanjani

Mariam Jamal-Hanjani, BSc, MBBS, PhD, of University College London, London, UK, discusses her talk regarding intra-tumor heterogeneity within lung cancer at the UK Oncology Forum (OF) 2018, held in Liverpool, UK. She highlights the significance of longitudinal studies, such as TRACERx (NCT01888601) and PEACE (NCT03004755), in which tissue samples are collected from patients to map the evolution of cancers from diagnosis through to relapse, metastasis and death. These facilitate our understanding of how not only lung cancers, but tumors in general spread. Dr Jamal-Hanjani further discusses the logistics surrounding longitudinal studies, including funding and the integration of clinical and scientific communities.

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