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VJOncology is committed to improving our service to you

ASCO 2021 | QOL in patients with HPV+ oropharyngeal cancer

Marshall R. Posner, MD, The Tisch Cancer Institute, New York, NY, discusses the quality of life of patients with human papillomavirus (HPV)-positive oropharyngeal cancer in a clinical trial (NCT02945631) assessing reduced-dose versus standard chemoradiotherapy. Patients experienced discomfort as a result of radiotherapy weeks after treatment which can lead to long term toxicities in patients. Prof. Posner additionally summarizes increased late toxicity in patients who received standard therapy, with the effects of radiation building up over multiple years after treatment. Such effects include scarring, fibrosis, and dental failure, which emphasizes the need for de-escalation therapies. This interview took place at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2021 Virtual Meeting.


Marshall R. Posner, MD has received consultancy feed from Merck (DMC), Kura (ad board), Hookipa (ad board), BioNtech (ad board), and Naveris (ad board).

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