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ICCN 2022 | Key challenges to be addressed in nursing

Judith Paice, PhD, RN, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL, discusses three key areas in nursing that need to be focused on after two years of the pandemic. Healthcare systems worldwide are facing staff shortages, leading to greater pressure on current staff. One proposed solution is to shorten training programmes in order to more quickly qualify new nurses. Dr Paice strongly warns against this, emphasising the importance of full education programmes to properly train nurses to be able to give the best care. The second key challenge is providing support for both patients and nurses for the great emotional distress that has been experienced throughout the pandemic. Finally, with the rise of telehealth, support and guidance is needed for both patients and healthcare providers in order to get the most out of new technologies. This interview took place at the virtual 2022 International Conference on Cancer Nursing (ICCN).

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