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ASCO 2021 | PI3K inhibitors for the treatment of brain metastases in HER2-negative breast cancer

Gaia Griguolo, MD, Instituto Oncologico Veneto I.R.C.C.S, Padova, Italy, talks on the currently available treatment options for patients with breast cancer with brain metastases. Substantial progress has been made in HER2-positive breast cancer, with several HER2-targeted agents showing activity against brain metastases. The recently reported HER2CLIMB trial (NCT02614794) which included patients with active brain metastases demonstrated the intercranial efficacy of tucatinib. The story is less promising in HER2-negative breast cancer, where treatment remains mostly limited to chemotherapy. CDK inhibitors and PARP inhibitors may have some use, but trial data from patients with brain metastases is lacking. Dr Griguolo also explains the rationale for investigating PI3K inhibitors in these patients. This interview took place at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2021 Virtual Meeting.


Gaia Griguolo, MD has received travel support from Novartis, Pfizer, Amgen and Daiichi Sankyo.