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ESMO Immuno-Oncology 2022 | DONIMI: neoadjuvant domatinostat in patients with melanoma based on IFN-γ signatures

Irene Reijers, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, discusses data from the Phase Ib DONIMI trial (NCT04133948) of domatinostat in patients with stage III melanoma. Patients were divided based on interferon-gamma (IFN-γ) expression levels, where IFN-γ high patients were either given nivolumab alone or with domatinostat and IFN-γ low patients were given nivolumab and domatinostat with or without ipilimumab. Despite IFN-γ high patients benefiting more from domatinostat and nivolumab, domatinostat was stopped early due to adverse events. This interview took place at the ESMO Immuno-Oncology Congress 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland.

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